Canoe & Mountainbike

Are you longing for adventure and nature experiences? Then it's Silverlake Canoeing you're looking for!

Here you get to experience the stillness of nature, paddle in Europes finest lakes with clean air, brisk lakes and a rich nature. You can listen to the black-thoated loons haunted cry and watch moose along the edge of the lake.

We offer canoe, kayak and mountainbike. Here you can experience the wild and beautiful nature of Dalsland in a different and exciting way!

You can start of finish your trip with on a dressin between Bengtsfors and Silverlake Camp. The tracks take you along steep mountain edges and the canoe along long narrow rift lakes



Silverlake camp is a camping site that's only accepting tents. On the site there's erected military tents/lapp cots for those that don't have their own. Small normal tents are also available for rent.

You can also choose between several different indoor accommodations;

We have apartments (10/14 beds each) with a wonderful lake view, A cottage (4 beds) and some small  2-bed rooms.

On the camp site there are;

  • A kiosk
  • Toilets, showers, kitchen
  • Campfires
  • Dining areas (under a roof)
  • Lawns for football etc.

Hotel & Hostel

In the middle of beautiful Bengtsfors lies our homey hotel and hostel, right next to Dalslands canal.

Within walking distance lies Gammelgården and Halmens Hus which is an exciting travel destination for the whole family.

Here you can rent everything that's necessary for an exciting field trip out into the swedish wilderness.

If you want tips and suggestions for activities we can help make a custom-made arrangement based on your wants and needs!

Why not try out canoe, kayak, dressin, bike or hiking? Here we have something for everyone.



Are you looking for a different setting for your conference?

Want to trade the stressfull inner city atmosphere for fantastic nature experience or just some peace and quiet? Book your conference at Silverlake.

We create solutions to fit just you!
Our conference hall seats around 25 people. Here you can plan courses, conferences and meetings in an exciting and pleasant environment!

Call and talk to us and we'll arrange a custom-made conference filled with activities. If you prefer a peacefull conference far away from the big city stress, that too can be found on our camp.


An active summer camp in Dalsland

Are you looking for nature experiences and a real adventure? Book your school trip to Silverlake.

We accommodate for both summer camps and
school trips

Our facilities on Silverlake Camp are built specifically with summer camps and close-to-nature activities
in mind.

Official reseller

- Order and collect at our locations

Brogatan 2
66631 Bengtsfors

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