Conditions of hire

When the cancelleation fee has not been paid the equipment is considered cancelled. The cancellation fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the rented equipment. If the cancelletion is made later than seven days before the set departure date we demand full payment. Unless a valid certificate of illnes or similar is provided. No money will be refunded if the return date is earlier than stipulated in the signed contract.
The rental time starts from 09.00 the first day and lasts until 18.00 the last day. THE RENTAL TIME MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED! After the rental time has expired, the equipment is to be returned in Bengtsfors, after having been cleaned properly, to the staff in charge at the time.
In case any part of the rented equipment has been damaged or lost during the rental period, it has to be reported to the staff on the arrival at Bengtsfors. The customer is responsible for the rented equipment, and must therefore compensate any loss or damage at previously set prices. If the damages are severel, the amount of compensation will be decided from case to case by Silverlake Canoeing. The canoeist might in case of improper behaviour, lose his right to rent a canoe. In any more extreme case of improper behaviour during the rental period, the canoeist may lose "his" canoe as well as all the rented period. Life jackets must be used. Any rules/regulations stipulated by the Silverlake Canoeing staff before depature must be unconditionally followed.